The ComfortScan® System
Dynamic Functional Imaging
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Benefits of the ComfortScan® System



Dynamic Optical Breast Imaging (DOBI)

Highly sensitive to the differential light-transmission properties of abnormal vascularization after external pressure stimulus.
Designed to provide new and unique physiological (functional) data currently not available to physicians.

Targets Angiogenesis

Designed to detect key indicators of breast cancer.
Visualizes angiogenesis, reducing ambiguity associated with imaging methods such as mammography that only look at morphologic (static) images.
Targets abnormal vascular bed, a potentially larger target than the tumor itself.
May reduce the annual cost of surgical biopsies.

Soft Breast Holder

Provides comfortable examination, with gentle pressure on the breast.
Enhances attractiveness as a testing method.

High-Intensity, Light-Emitting Diodes

Noninvasive, no ionizing (x-ray) radiation.
Designed to overcome certian density limitations associated with mammography.
Can be used for premenopausal women and women on hormone therapy.

Fast Exam Time

Less than one-minute image-scanning time.
High throughput.