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Future Uses for the ComfortScan® System

The Company fully expects that, over time, clinical trial data and market usage will engender confidence in its technology to the extent that the marketplace will adopt its widespread use as a diagnostic screening tool for women with an identified high risk for breast cancer. This use can likely develop significantly faster in certain foreign countries where current mammographic techniques are more flexible due to a number of factors including financial constraints, concern over radiation, and other considerations.

The DOBI Medical ComfortScan system can be an exciting resource for underserved or developing countries since it is transportable, has no special environmental or power requirements, and uses no expensive or bulky film cassettes or chemicals. Images can be stored locally and sent electronically to other locations for collaborative readings or analysis. Therefore, the ComfortScan system can be transported to non-urban areas and the images gathered there could be sent electronically and read at remote central locations if local radiological expertise is limited.

"Seeing" the presence of angiogenesis in the body opens the door to many potential opportunities for the Company's technology. The latest research indicates that angiogenesis is found in many significant disease states, including rheumatoid arthritis, adult blindness, and others. Future uses of the ComfortScan system technology may be for many other diseases as well as cancer. Furthermore, therapeutic monitoring is considered a near-term application of the DOBI Medical technology.