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DOBI Global and Socrate Medical have signed a long-term partnership to co-develop Italy DOBI ComfortScan Breast Screening Market. Both parties will work together collectively on DOBI ComfortScan Promotion, System Improvements, OEM Manufacturing, etc.

DOBI ComfortScan has obtained the SFDA Market Approval for the sales of DOBI ComfortScan in China.

DOBI Global has delivered three DOBI ComfortScan to its Italian Distributor for the sales in Italy.

DOBI Global and Socrate Medical have signed a distribution agreement in Italy of DOBI ComfortScan as a revolutionary device in Early breast cancer diagnostics and an unique/proper tool in breast Screening. The use of DOBI ComfortScan would help save thousands of lives of young women by increasing the diagnostic potential on dense breasts.

DOBI Medical International/Global has received approvals of ISO 13485 and CE Marks from its notified body, Intertek.