DOBI Medical International
Our Vision
Executive Overview


Our Vision

Our vision for the future is to introduce a new standard in vascular imaging worldwide. Our immediate goal is to provide useful information in the breast cancer diagnostic process and proper tool in the breast screening. To these ends, we are building a fully integrated medical device company whose focus is the development and commercialization of a new generation of angiogenesis-based imaging systems. Such imaging systems are intended to offer more accurate screening, diagnosis, and monitoring of most major diseases.

The ComfortScan system is designed to alert physicians to the first indication of breast cancer by potentially detecting angiogenesis, which in turn provides valuable information to the diagnosing and screening physician. Once we have completed the final step in the FDA approval process (4 modules of 5 had already been reviewed and accepted), DOBI Medical International could move ahead to provide a new diagnostic resource for physicians, service providers and scientists; cost savings to third-party payers; a positive impact on breast health; and, finally, improved quality of life for women in the States while continuously selling DOBI ComfortScan internationally. Ultimately, we expect clinical trial data and market usage to engender confidence in our technology to the extent that it will be seen as a critical tool in the diagnosis, screening and treatment breast cancer worldwide.