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DOBI Global and Guizhou Space Fenghua Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. have signed a long-term partnership to develop China DOBI ComfortScan Breast Screening Market. Guizhou Space Fenghua Precision Equipment Co. had invested about $1.5 Millions USD to setup DOBI ComfortScan (OEM) production line in China last year, and will invest another $3.85 Millions USD to develop DOBI China Market for the ComfortScan sales in China.

DOBI Medical/Global has delivered five DOBI ComfortScan (Parts) for its China OEM contractor to manufacture DOBI ComfortScan for China market.

DOBI Medical International/Global just received the information from its Notified Body, Intertek, that DOBI's ISO 13485 Annual Audit is approved.

DOBI Global has completed a five year acquisition process of entire DOBI Intellectual Property from IBOD Imaging, Inc., and will formally do business as (dba) DOBI Medical International.