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DOBI ComfortScan Clinical Testing

DOBI ComfortScan Clinical Study

DOBI ComfortScan Clinical study has been performed internationally for over past ten years, and the study for FDA will resumed after Series A round fund is secured.

DOBI ComfortScan Selected Clinical Publications and Reports

Clinical approach with optical imaging instrument. Perspective analysis on 617 young females by V. Frattini, L. Ghisoni, A. Teodoro, PL Vaj and S. Orefice at Habilita Group-Bergamo, Centro Medico MonteRosa of Milan, Humanitas-Rozzano of Milan and Habilita Group-Bergamo, Italy, Italian Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Volume 23, Issue 2-3, October 3, 2011.

The Use of Dynamic Optical Imaging in Breast Cancer Detection by Wilson, Kyle, Ph.D., Doctoral Thesis Dissertation, MCMASTER UNIVERSITY and Publication submitted to Radiology “Dynamic Optical Imaging in Breast Cancer Detection” by Kyle J. Wilson, Kavita Dhamanaskar, Terry Minuk, and Gerald R. Moran, Canada, 2011.

DOBI ComfortScan Clinical Evaluation Report (in Chinese) for SFDA Review by G. Zhang and W. Lin based on data collected from 2008 to 2009, China, Febuary, 2011.

DOBI ComfortScan Performance Report (in Chinese)for SFDA Review by G. Zhang and W. Lin based on data collected from 2008 to 2009, China, Febuary, 2011.

Prospective Study of ComfortScan Accuracy in Diagnosis of Breast Cancer PRELIMINARY RESULTS, Thesis Dissertation by Rossella Dandolo, Ph.D., University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy, 2010.

The Value of Dynamic Optical Breast Imaging and Ultrasound in Early Breast Cancer Detection Reported by Guojian Tan, Jie Wang, Cui Liu, Chunmian Li, Weiping Wang, John Zhang (2010).

DOBI, associated Ultrasound, allows to avoid unnecessary Biopsies “Seno, luce rossa preventiva : Il Dynamic optical breast imaging (Dobi), associato all’ecografia, permette di evitare biopsie non necessarie” by di Piercarlo Salari, Oncologia, Tecnologie, October 12, 2009.

Dynamic optical breast imaging: A novel technique to detect and characterize tumor vessels Published by Laure S. Fournier, Daniel Vanel, Alexandra Athanasiou, Wolfgang Gatzemeier, I.V. Masuykov, Anwar R. Padhani, Clarisse Dromain, Ken Galetti, Robert Sigal, Alberto Costa, Cornne Balleyguier on Europea Journal of Radiology 69 (2009).

The Value Analysis of ComfortScan System in Differentiating Benign Breast Lesions from Malignant (in Chinese) Published by Mei Xu, Junlai Li, Yongfeng Zhang, Xuejuan Shi, Chunmian Li, Jie Tiang, 2009.

ComfortScan System and Ultrasound Imaging : The Value of Combined Application to Differentiate Benign Breast Lesions from Malignant (in Chinese) Reported by Yongfeng Zhang, Junlai Li, Xuejuan Shi, Mei Xu, China, 2008.

Optical mammography: a new technique for visualizing breast lesions in women presenting non palpable BIRADS 4–5 imaging findings: preliminary results with radiologic–pathologic correlation Published by Alexandra Athanasiou, Daniel Vanel, Laure Fournier, and Corinne Balleyguier on International Cancer Imaging Society 7 (2007).

RESULTS OF INVESTIGATIONAL USE OF DOBI COMFORTSCAN IN CHINA : English Version Chinese Version Reported by by G. Zhang, W. Wang, D. Yang and H. Jiang from 2005 to 2006.

Dynamic Optical Breast Imaging: A new technique to visualise breast vessels: Comparison with breast MRI and preliminary results Published by Alexandra Athanasiou, Daniel Vanel, Cornne Balleyguier, Laure Fournier, Marie Christine Mathieu, Suzette Delaloge, Clarisse Dromain on Europea Journal of Radiology 54 (2005).

New Perspective of Mammary Screening : Application of Non-Invasive DOBI THE RESULTS OF DOBI EXAMINATIONS IN MASARYK MEMORIAL CANCER INSTITUTE in Czech Republic, by Irena Komorousova, Bartonkova H., Standara M., Schneiderova M., from 2004 to 2005.

Dynamic Optical Breast Imaging : A non-invasive, adjunctive method to detect breast cancer Presented by Gatzemeier W, Scelsi M, Galetti K, Villani L, Tinterri C, Secci A, and Costa A in San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (December 2004).

Dynamic Functional Mammoscopy : A Non-Ionizing Imaging Technique Ehahcing Early Detection of Breast Cancer Published by Suzanne J. Smith, Scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports 42 (May, 2004).